Where Can I Find Houses to Buy or Rent in Jamaica?

Finding A Place

Information on where to find a houses to rent/buy is often hard to come by for many Jamaicans. People of different ages and stages of life are seeking a place to call home. In the past, you needed a ‘link’ to hear about anywhere that was renting. Luckily, many solutions have been developed in recent years.

Note: Many of the Real Estate Websites have similar features

Get Keez

The Get Keez website offers a variety of properties to rent, buy and you can even add your own listing. You can even buy land. This website allows you to filter your search for a property based on: rent/sale, property type, parish/state, number of beds, number of baths, minimum or maximum price.

Features of each listing is provided by the website and it has a mortgage payment calculator.

House Advertised on Get Keez

Property Solutions

Property Solutions boasts features similar to Get Keez. The website also allows you to filter by Currency. You can find a wide range of properties.

A Property in Clarendon For Sale

Jamaica Classified Online

Jamaica Classifieds Online is an online marketplace that allows you to purchase…basically anything. People list real estate for sale and find places to rent. It’s important to be cautious since persons have listed properties they do not own on the website before.

Following Jamaican Classifieds on social media is a great way to stay up to date with listings.

Real Estate listings on Jamaican Classifieds

Gleaner Classified

The Gleaner Classified has a wide variety of items listed for sale. It has a Real Estate section which has multiple listings you can browse. People post details about the property they are selling and how to contact them.

You can also purchase the Sunday Gleaner and look through listings.

The Gleaner Classified Marketplace

Golden Gates Realty

The Golden Gates Realty website allows you to buy, rent and see upcoming developments.

Golden Gates Properties in St. Catherine

Keller Williams

Keller Williams is a real estate franchise company.

Properties for sale on Keller Williams

Expand your search

These options should help you find a good place to rent/buy but don’t let this list limit you. There are Facebook groups, Instagram pages, and other sources that you can seek out. Many of the Real Estate websites obtain information from the Realtors Association of Jamaica. You can also ask friends, family members or associates if they know of places being rented/sold.

Sometimes the information you seek is in a place you least expect it.

Some of you might be discouraged by the prices you see on those websites. Choosing the right career could make obtaining that dream home much easier. You can check out these articles on salaries in Jamaica and choosing the right degree.

Good luck hunting!

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